Noxicre Natural Pain Relief Pain Management Specialist

Noxicare™ creator Dr. Reza Ghorbani, MD, ABIPP, FIPP, is a Harvard-trained, board certified Interventional Pain Management Specialist. He is the President and Medical Director for the Advanced Pain Medicine Institute in the Greater Washington, DC area. As a leading practitioner in his field, Dr. Ghorbani has devoted his entire career to helping patients overcome pain to enable a better quality of life.

His journey began abroad, where he grew up amid a family of physicians and pharmacists. His father, a doctor of pharmacology and head of a hospital burn unit pharmacy, worked daily to provide people suffering every type of pain with the right medications. But as much good as his father did, he often remembered him as frustrated. His father found that while some drugs worked well to alleviate pain for some patients, the same drug could cause harmful side effects-and often prolonged or intensified pain-for others.

Reza knew then that he wanted to become a doctor at a very young age. At 17 years old, his parents bought him a one-way ticket from Tehran to America so that he could obtain the education he needed, safely away from the turmoil in his homeland. Although he did not see his parents for another 9 years, he thrived in America, working two jobs to put himself through college and then through medical school.

Research & Development

Dr. Ghorbani’s extensive research began during his medical education at Tufts. Here, he co-authored numerous important scientific papers about inflammation that were published in respected medical journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine and the European Journal of Immunology, among others.

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