Latest Technology Updates – Openai’s Gpt Is Turning Text Into Custom Metaverse

Artificial intelligence is controlling the latest tech news as OpenAI has improved GPT models with growing competitors. These types of advanced models can effectively generate text and media with massive speed and more perfection. They can effectively transform various industries and experiences.

Meanwhile, one Web3 metaverse app has previously developed a path to hit into the future of artificial intelligence. Web3 creators and communities have developed a 3D world-building platform Oncyber to effectively help a significant range of NFTs. The platform created Magic Composer (an AI-powered tool) this week.

This latest tool allows users to execute text commands and modify their environments. It runs efficiently on OpenAI's GPT-3.5 model like ChatGPT but isn't the brand new GPT-4 model. However, it returns well-classified information from the web such as operational blockchain code. Oncyber effectively perks text spurs to instrument real-time changes to its worlds.

Oncyber is a newly developed metaverse platform and is at the top of trending tech news. The new tool provides ease for anyone to make their own 3D alluring experience using the browser.

How to Create Your Own 3D Experience?
First, log in with a smart wallet similar to logging in for MetaMask. You can efficiently develop your own 3D experience after logging in. You can join the Oncyber discord to get help from team members if you don't have a smart wallet.

Select a free space to get started. Give a title and a quick description of your free space and claim your handle. You can start for free to try things out but you can also buy limited edition spaces. However, users can find some remarkable spaces in the community.

Now, go to the "Add Asset" tags. Click on the squares to add artwork, YouTube videos, Portals, NFTs, and others from the wallets and customize your space. You should select and save a custom URL and share it with friends or other members. Then use your space to link up.

The Process of Space Submission Overview:
Anyone can upload and use their custom space on oncyber without permission. However, NFTs also represent some oncyber spaces. It enables holders of those NFTs to utilize the compatible space on the platform. Oncyber offers unique tools for communities and 3D artists to use and share unused space of NFTs. But your space needs to go through a review process.

Use of Custom Space without Permission:
You can upload and use your own customized space without requiring any permission. First, go to Then upload your space and click "..." then tap the "Use Now" option from

The oncyber platform also offers the benefit of managing and hosting your
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